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The Book Market in Greece 


For a European Policy on Books – Culture 2000
A long-term cooperation agreement on reading and books
EKEBI is coordinating a long-term cooperation agreement on reading and books, which is being implemented association with the Spanish Ministry of Culture, the European Booksellers Federation (EBF), the Federation of European Publishers (FEP), the Italian Publishers Association (AIE), the Association of Romanian Publishers (AER) and the European Writers Congress (EWC). Sixteen European institutions and organisations already support the cooperation agreement, to which all institutions working in the field of the book from the enlarged European Union may contribute.
The agreement, which lasts until July 2007, includes the following activities:

Cooperation for a Book Policy in the enlarged European union
Organising an annual European conference on books and the book market, with contributors from all European and national organisations, unions and public authorities which work in the book sector. Contributors to the conference discuss the main subjects of the book policy which applies in the enlarged EU, and suggest responses to specific measures and institutions of the EU, the Member States and industry.
Study on the situation of the book market. The fundamental aims of this study are: (a) to identify the needs of the book sector; and (b) to identify high-priority measures and actions which Member States, the Commission and industry must take in order to improve current conditions and to maximise the strengths of the sector. 

Organising a wide-reaching and long-term policy to promote reading in Europe. This plan involves pooling best practice models to promote reading on a local level, and to present the results at a conference on reading. Finally, the plan sees the creation of main information tools to exchange experience, specializations and best practices at a European level (local level initiatives and the programme “Get caught reading Europe”).

For more information, see: http://www.booksineurope.org/

Funding for the cooperation agreement:Culture 2000 Programme of the European Union

The Culture 2000 Programme supports and funds, on a non-profit basis, quality plans by public and private cultural institutions, which contribute to promoting a cultural space which is available to all people in Europe.
There are three types of plans which are funded: annual collaboration plans (including translation plans); long-term cooperation agreements; and special cultural events.

The aims of the Culture 2000 Programme are as follows:

  • Promoting a cultural dialogue.
  • Reporting, on an intercultural level, on the culture and free movement of creators and professionals, as well as their works, around the cultural area.
  • Evaluating cultural diversity and the development of new forms of cultural expression.
  • Contributing to the joint cultural heritage of the European flag; spreading knowledge and preserving it.
  • Recognising the role of culture and socio-economic development, and clearly understanding that culture is an economic factor and a factor in social integration and nationality.
  • Consolidating intercultural dialogue and reciprocal exchanges between European and non-European cultures.
  • Improving access and encouraging contribution to the cultural sector by the greatest possible number of EU citizens.

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