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02. The Book Market in Greece
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Review of Operations / Financial Data
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Thessaloniki Book Fair

Frasis – the new translation funding programme for Greek books  


The Book Market in Greece 


Review of operations / Financial data
EKEBI publishes a balance sheet and financial statements relating to its activities and operations each year.

Systematic work – Transparent management methods
What need is there for a National Book Centre? Although the answer to that question was given long ago in most other countries, it is a question that is heard frequently in many quarters in Greece. EKEBI does not seek to address concerns of that type when publishing its review of operations and financial statements. Instead, it simply wants to demonstrate its love of books, how reading has been promoted nationwide particularly at schools and among the young, to highlight the intellectual weariness of a world of letters that does not have the place it deserves today, to create a database and prepare statistical studies which had been non-existent in Greece, to monitor international developments in the field of books which are happening at a rapid rate today, to train professionals in the publishing sector, to teach specialist text-writing skills, to highlight the relationships between the art of writing and other arts; and of course to endeavour to promote Greek books on the difficult international market. These are endeavours which one should not talk about in aphorisms. They require long-term effort, systematic initiatives, persistence, belief in the potential of the world of Greek books and new ideas which may not be quick to implement.

EKEBI cannot, and should not, replace publishers and their unions in their endeavours which have a cultural and business focus, who operate in a sector which has become the world’s leading cultural industry, The duties of the National Book Centre are to constantly improve infrastructure, to create the conditions and climate for overall creativity (often in the background without any acclaim), which relates to all players in the world of books. This can be achieved via firm, strategic steps and without excessive cost. It lies with the other partners in the world of books to capitalise on EKEBI’s initiatives and to provide comments, critiques and fresh ideas as well. All information will be available on this website.

As EKEBI's new management team announced in May 2004, each year a review of operations will be published to ensure financial transparency and that EKEBI operates in a reliable, problem-free manner.

Financial data will be published after it has been audited by chartered accountants and approved by the Board of Directors. This data will include the balance sheet and a breakdown of expenditure. The current management team took the initiative to publish this data and will do so every year as part of the announced policy of transparency which it supports. In this way, interested parties can learn about the cost of all EKEBI's activities individually and form a clearer picture of how the available resources are being used the activities, plans, potential and priorities of EKEBI.

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