Greek Literature Online
EKEBI participates in the promotion of Greek Literature Online (2004-2007) by applying new technologies in the book sector. EKEBI is taking part, together with 146 cultural institutions, in an attempt which is supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture to promote Greek Culture in the Information Society.
The project includes:

  • Digitisation of literary reviews and petic works
  • Creating a website to promote Greek poetry
  • Development of EKEBI's updated portal 

The source of funding for the Greek Literature online:

  • the “Information Society” Operational Programme of CSF 3 (Community Support Framework).
  • Seventy-five percent of the project is funded by the Structural Fund (ETPA) and 25% is funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture, as part of the ”Information Society” Operational Programme, and specifically priority action “Education and Culture” target 1.3 “Documentation, evaluation and dissemination of Greek Culture”.
  • The “Information Society” Operational Programme is the primary means for achieving the national strategy for an Information Society. The aim of target 1.3 is to promote and evaluate culture and cultural heritage by using new Information and Communication Technologies ICTs.

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